RocDoc offers x-ray services 7 days a week between 12:00 to 18:00.

In addition to our normal walk in consultations, RocDoc is pleased to be able to offer our patients a full private x-ray service.  This facility is by referral only and this can be either by your own GP or following a consultation with one of our Doctors here at RocDoc.  We do not have an age restriction for an x-ray to be undertaken.

Should you require x-ray then RocDoc will aim to see you at the earliest convenient appointment.  As an x-ray is a standard procedure then in most cases there are no special preparations needed.  Patients may be required to remove any metal objects or clothes (a gown will be provided if required) that could interfere with the x-ray imaging.  During the x-ray being taken the patient may be asked to lie on an examination table or stand up in a specific location.  The room may be cool but this is in order to keep the equipment at the right temperature for its optimum performance level.

Patients should always informed their Doctor and also the Radiographer (the person who takes the x-ray) if they have any metal implants from previous surgeries, women should also advise if there is any possibility of them being pregnant.  The Radiographer may use pillows or sandbags to help the patient to hold the correct position.  The patient will be asked to stay very still, without breathing for a few seconds in order for the x-ray to be taken.  When the x-ray is going to be taken the Radiographer will go behind a walled area with a window but they can still see and talk to you.  If anyone else is in the room (for children being x-rayed for example) then they will have to either go outside the room or join the Radiographer at this time.  Often multiple images or views are taken from different angles so the patient may be asked to reposition and the process repeated again.

Once the x-ray has been taken then it will be sent to one of our Radiologists Consultants who will analysis it and issue a report directly to the referring doctor.  Patients may need to make a subsequent appointment to discuss the results with their referring Doctor if not a RocDoc Doctor.

In general, an x-ray procedure should only take a few moments, but we would request that patients give themselves enough time for their appointment.  The patient will not feel the x-ray being taken.

The x-ray service at RocDoc is a private facility and is therefore not available under any of the HSE schemes.  In some cases for patients that have health insurance it may cover some of the costs, however this varies by provider and type so we advise to contact your insurer to check this.

If you have not been referred internally after a consultation with one of our RocDoc Doctors then a full comprehensive x-ray referral form must be bought to the appointment which has been completed by a registered Doctor.  You will be asked for this at the time of booking the appointment and if not the same day appointment then you must either email it into us at admin@rocdoc.ie or drop it into our reception prior to the appointment day.


  • Staff are very accommodating pleasant and mannerly

    paul doyle Avatar
    paul doyle
  • Best practices nearby!

    The staff is lovely, very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The facilities are great, they have an ultrasound clinic, physio, and stock some medicine too.

    Their opening hours are fantastic, but you (obviously) have to pay more for out of hours. They have a great followup policy, and are very flexible in general.

    Kriszti Varga-Werner Avatar
    Kriszti Varga-Werner
  • The roc doc team are so kind and caring and extremely helpful , the lady's at reception are extremely helpful and I also wanted to mention the doctors they are fantastic and really care about their patients. I can't thank them enough for giving me the care they have given me in the roc doc clinic. A special mention to Dr.michele and Dr.sebastian for being absolutely wonderful doctors. Thank you roc doc for your great service. Highly recommend . Kind, caring, friendly, professional team. ☺️👍

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    Edel Fitzsimons