Flu Vaccination


We can offer a variety of vaccinations at RocDoc (please see travel vaccines and childhood immunisations sections) and also the Flu vaccine.  If you are unsure if we can offer the vaccine you require please contact us.

The flu is a highly infective respiratory infection that is self-limiting and usually last 2-7 days. It make you feel…….well let’s be honest…..CRAP.

It regularly gets mixed up with a common cold or “man flu” however is far more sever. It is caused by the Influenza virus which has many strains.

It is not any worse in the high risk groups such as the very young / old  or patients with certain medical conditions, however it causes more complications for these groups. These groups sometimes end up in hospital or indeed dying as a result of the Flu infection causing complications.


The flu is a highly infectious respiratory infection that is self-limiting and usually last 2-7 days and can make you feel, rubbish!  It regularly gets mixed up with a common cold but is far more severe and is caused by the Influenza virus of which there are many strains.

It is not any worse in the high risk groups such as the very young or very old, however it can cause more complications for these groups who can end up in hospital in indeed dying as a result of the Flu infection causing complications.

You can’t blame others if you catch it!  It is spread easily through coughing and sneezing directly or from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.  You can also spread it for the first few days before you even know you have it.

  • Sore throat
  • Fever – sudden onset
  • Muscular pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Exhaustion
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • The flu vaccine DOES NOT contain any live virus
  • You cannot get the Flu as a result of getting the vaccine
  • Man flu is far worse than any other type of Flu and they should always be given extra special care during this very serious illness………
  • Flu and the common cold are very different and when someone states they have a touch of flu they mean they have the common cold
  • The flu vaccine does not protect you against any other type of viral infection such as the common cold…..you can still get the common cold…so don’t blame the vaccine for not working
  • There is no guarantee you won’t get the Flu if you have had the vaccine but is does reduce the chance by around 75%
  • Last year’s vaccine is no good this year as the flu is great at mutating. Each year the vaccine is updated with the latest strains if applicable.

Everyone, but if you’re in the below mentioned high risk groups we would highly recommend you to get it.

  • Anyone over 65
  • Pregnant women (in any stage of pregnancy)
  • Anyone over 6 months old with a long-term condition such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or heart or chest problems
  • Anyone over 6 months old with asthma who has needed treatment with steroid inhalers or tablets, or who has had a flare-up needing hospital admission in the past
  • Anyone who has had a stroke or a TIA (sometimes called a ‘mini stroke’)
  • People undergoing medical treatment which may affect their immune system, or who have a medical condition which could affect their immune system, like HIV
  • People with a condition of the nervous system such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or cerebral palsy
  • Frontline health or social care workers
  • Anyone who gets a carer’s allowance, or who is a main carer for an elderly or disabled person
  • Anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40
  • Residents of nursing homes and other long stay institutions
  • People with regular close contact with poultry, water fowl or pigs

September or October is the best time each year but you can get it anytime


  • Excellent service from start to finish. They saw me super quickly. I had booked the wrong test but they kindly explained to me how to fix it and helped me through it. Seen super quickly. All of the staff were very polite and the rest didn’t hurt a bit (first time ever that it didn’t hurt me). Really nice. Then I couldn’t access my document but within a minute Makiesse in the chat sorted it out and sent it to me. I’m so happy from start to finish. Quick, clean, kind staff and competent. Some of the reviews here had worried me but I wanted to say that I’m glad I used them and will use them again. Thank you all.

    nic c Avatar
    nic c
  • The two lads that helped me were incredible (at check in and doing the test). The results were faster than I could have imagined. It was a little more expensive than I would have hoped, but I would pay double knowing what I know now.

    SOS Golf Tour Avatar
    SOS Golf Tour
  • I needed help to apply credits to test bookings at Cork airport for myself and my family. Kim, the customer service agent, was extremely efficient and walked me through the process promptly. When I made an error in the booking, they were quick to correct it and were polite and patient throughout. Highly recommend both the test service and their client support.

    Anne O Avatar
    Anne O
  • The staff is fantastic.
    I’ve done a blood test and some results didn’t come back.
    They allow me to do again free of charge and
    Lynn was tireless to chase the results up.
    Lynn is dedicated, patient and very professional.
    I am lucky to have these people near my house.

    Raquel Kruger O'Brien Avatar
    Raquel Kruger O'Brien
  • Due to airline delays, I had to work with Tony, via chat, to reschedule my appointment at the Dublin airport several times. It was the best chat experience I've ever had with any representative, at any organization, for any purpose. He was responsive, timely, and took care of me from a customer perspective. His service was outstanding, as was the rest of the crew I interacted with at the testing site. Highly recommend.

    Ray Hartjen Avatar
    Ray Hartjen
  • Cannot fault this service. Very fast and efficient response to both my queries. Dealt we Hayley earlier who answered my question very promptly.
    Making my appointment was very easy and straight forward and would highly recommend this service to anyone needing a test. Well done.

    Joan Dodd Avatar
    Joan Dodd
  • I needed an Antigen Rapid test at Dublin Airport. Although I arrived more than 1 hour earlier, people at RocDoc tested me immediately! Cool job! Unfortunately, the Receipt was not transmitted to my e-mail address. Chatting with Hayley from RoDoc, I received the Receipt within a minute! Great service. Thank you so much or your kind support!

    Udo Mantica Avatar
    Udo Mantica
  • While there were issues in accessing my account, I contacted Customer Service and Anna was amazing. She went far above and beyond to ensure I was able to access the service and the results. She proactively rang me after the test to ensure I got the results and assisted to make sure they were received. It has been a very long time since I experienced proactive customer service like this. Thank you Anna.

    Erin McManus Avatar
    Erin McManus
  • Tony was a great help and sorted out my change of appointment time very efficiently. Thank you so much!

    I did require assistance yesterday also in the bookings and a lovely girl was very patient and helped me sort the bookings out.

    Deirdre Molloy Avatar
    Deirdre Molloy
  • Tony is the one and only person who has answered my question in regard my desire to have an RT-PCR test that does not involve poking and prodding up my nose. I've had two of these so far and they just hurt like hell, during and after. So, knowing that RocDoc can do a throat swab instead is such a relief. Thank you Tony! Maggie

    Maggie Avatar