Orthopaedic Clinic


RocDoc can offer a private Orthopaedic Clinic (also known as a fracture clinic).  This is a regularly held private clinic held by an Orthopaedic Consultant at RocDoc, Ashbourne.

After a patient has had an x-ray then if required a suitable back slab cast will be applied to the area to support it.  This may be a plaster cast or some form of splint or boot and if required crutches will be provided along with the appropriate training.  The patient will also be required to be reviewed in a Fracture clinic.  After the cast / splint / boot has been applied then at check out an appointment will be offered for our clinic within the recommended timescales.  This is normally within 2 weeks of the injury but may be sooner, especially for children.

This is an appointment only service and deals with fractures, suspected fractures or other bone injuries.  If a follow up is required then this is by appointment only.  Please note that the Orthopaedic Consultant is not available at all times.  There is a separate charge for any Fracture Clinic appointments.  If additional x-rays are required after the patient has been seen in the clinic then additional charges will apply (this is at a x-ray review rate).

If a patient wishes to avail of the public fracture clinic then an appropriate referral can of course be made by the Doctor requesting the x-ray.


  • Went to rocdoc in Ashbourne tonight as can’t find a GP that does late surgery hoes for working people. I have to say it was the most pleasent experience ever. Service and manner was outstanding. Can’t recommend it enough. Nathan and Dave looked after me. Couldn’t ask for a better service
  • Thank you for gluing my daughters leg back together today. I wasn’t sure that it warranted getting seen to, but I am very glad I brought her down. And she is thrilled with her bravery cert, she can’t wait to show her class tomorrow
  • Hi. I had the misfortune of having to use the RocDoc service as my son burnt his arm. However, it was a great service, they were great with him, plenty of distractions to keep his mind off where he was (or why) and a lolly for his troubles as he was leaving!! It’s great having the service so close, saves a trip to *****!