Ear Syringing


Ear irrigation is the better phrase for ear syringing as we don’t use a syringe anymore as this can cause damage to your ear. We use a specialised piece of machinery that pushes warm water at a certain pressure in your ear loosening the plug of wax that was not removed by simple ear wax softener or olive oil.

The procedure should be painless but you my feel slightly uncomfortable (it’s not the nicest thing to have water squirted in your ear after all!!).

A small number of patients have found that after the procedure they felt slightly dizzy but this usually passes quite quickly.


  • Went to rocdoc in Ashbourne tonight as can’t find a GP that does late surgery hoes for working people. I have to say it was the most pleasent experience ever. Service and manner was outstanding. Can’t recommend it enough. Nathan and Dave looked after me. Couldn’t ask for a better service
  • Thank you for gluing my daughters leg back together today. I wasn’t sure that it warranted getting seen to, but I am very glad I brought her down. And she is thrilled with her bravery cert, she can’t wait to show her class tomorrow
  • Hi. I had the misfortune of having to use the RocDoc service as my son burnt his arm. However, it was a great service, they were great with him, plenty of distractions to keep his mind off where he was (or why) and a lolly for his troubles as he was leaving!! It’s great having the service so close, saves a trip to *****!