Growing evidence is showing that practicing Mindfulness on a regular basis can improve people’s sense of well-being, their relationship with themselves & others and improves their capacity to enjoy life.  Mindfulness is an innate capacity of the mind to be aware of the present moment in a non-judgemental way. It can be developed through systematic training and promotes a way of being that helps us take better care of ourselves and others, and lead healthier lives. It enables us to access inner resources for coping effectively with stress, difficulty and illness.

People come to therapy for various reasons such as difficulties coping with anxiety, depression, insomnia, bereavement, phobias, OCD, relationship issues, life transitions, stress, finding meaning in life, finding balance or for help in enhancing overall wellbeing. At certain stages, or times in our lives we may need help addressing issues that are causing us distress or making us feel overwhelmed, at these times psychotherapy can be of great assistance.

Sessions normally last for about 50 minutes and are held every Wednesday at RocDoc by Kati Simpson from March 2018.  Each session is €60 and the sessions can be done in small groups, family member groups including children or couples.  Sessions for psychotherapy are one-on-one and adult only. For more information please contact Kati directly on 085 786 7809 or


​Almost 60% of adults now report insomnia at least two nights per week.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia has been developed by Dr Gregg Jacobs based on decades of research and clinical practice at Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachussetts Medical School involving over 10,000 patients, where CBT-I has consistently shown that 90% of patients reduce or eliminate sleeping pills after taking this 6 week program. CBT-I has been recommended as the preferred treatment for chronic insomnia by the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet. In the USA it has been recommended by the National Institutes of Health, Consumer Reports and the American Psychological Association.

​A study conducted by Dr. Clarles Morin of Laval University demonstrated that 85% of insomnia sufferes (19 years or more having insomnia) did eliminate the use of benzodiazepine all together after CBT-I.

Sleeping pills are harmful and have serious side effects that far outweight their benefits; increase risk in morbidity and mortality; are only moderately effective for insomnia and may stop working over time; sleeping pills do not cure insomnia as it does not treat the causes of insomnia.

The success of the CBT-I is based on a central theme: insomnia can only be treated by addressing all of the underlying causes. In most instances the causes of insomnia are distorted sleep thoughts (cognitions) and problematic sleep behaviours (habits) which are learned and can be unlearned.

Session 1 = Assessment
Session 2 = Sleep Education/Cognitive Restructuring
Session 3 = Sleep Medication/ Sleep Scheduling
Session 4 = Stimulus Control
Session 5 = Relaxation Response
Session 6 = Sleep Hygiene

The course consists of 6 sessions of 30 mins for one-on-one sessions (in person or online) or 90 mins to two hours for group sessions (max 8 patients). Four weekly sessions followed by two bi-weekly sessions. A typical session consists of psychoeducation about insomnia, presentation of new techniques and discussion of both newly presented material and patient’s practice of previously learned techniques.

One on One 30 mins.
In person = 40 Euro per session, total cost 240 Euro.
Online = 35 Euro per session, total cost 210 Euro.

Group between 90 mins to 2 hours
​Max 10 patients. Cost for course including Assessment = 200 Euro. Concessions available for those struggling financially.
​NEW TERM – Starting in RocDoc, Ashbourne – Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM, 4 weeks consecutive then 2 biweekly Wednesdays.


  • Went to rocdoc in Ashbourne tonight as can’t find a GP that does late surgery hoes for working people. I have to say it was the most pleasent experience ever. Service and manner was outstanding. Can’t recommend it enough. Nathan and Dave looked after me. Couldn’t ask for a better service
  • Thank you for gluing my daughters leg back together today. I wasn’t sure that it warranted getting seen to, but I am very glad I brought her down. And she is thrilled with her bravery cert, she can’t wait to show her class tomorrow
  • Hi. I had the misfortune of having to use the RocDoc service as my son burnt his arm. However, it was a great service, they were great with him, plenty of distractions to keep his mind off where he was (or why) and a lolly for his troubles as he was leaving!! It’s great having the service so close, saves a trip to *****!